Note: This changelog will include changes to our themes as well. The version numbers correspond to the date released.

Version 8.2017.10.18b
Released on 18th October 2017

[Design mode theme] Improved: Layout on radio and checkboxes in design mode.

Version 8.2017.10.18
Released on 18th October 2017

Fixed: Bugs in front-end admin checkout system.

Improved: Custom name definitions in booking products now export to CSV and show in Bookings back end

Version 8.2017.10.17
Released on 17th October 2017

Improved: Booking products ‘add manual booking’ option removed for consistency (only on sites where the front-end manual order mode is supported).

Improved: Add ability to define the names of ‘adults’, ‘children’ and ‘concessions’ per booking product.

Fixed: Layout bugs with 4x 25% form columns.

Improved: Order of fields in admin front-end checkout form.

Fixed: CSV export issue where children were swapped to concessions in booking CSV export.

New: Added ‘archive’ mode to Orders view. Three modes now behave as follows:
- Delete: Deletes the order everywhere including associated bookings. No email is sent to the customer. CSV export will not show deleted orders.
- Archive: Hides the order from the main orders list. Associated booking data and CSV export data will remain visible.
- Dispatch: The same as Archive but the order dispatched email will be sent to the customer.

Version 8.2017.10.13
Released on 13th October 2017

New: Logged in admin users can now place a customer order from front-end checkout. (Requires support in theme, design mode is supported).

New: Stock alerts system. Admin users can enable an option to receive low stock alerts for products my ‘Your account’. Products need to be configured to trigger alerts, along with a threshold, in Storage > Products. Only products that have the option enabled will trigger alerts. Admins will receive one alert when a product stock level is taken from above the threshold to below it. It will re-trigger every time the level goes from above to below the threshold.

Fixed: Bookings layout bug

Version 8.2017.10.12
Released on 12th October 2017

Fixed: Image sizes, layout templates, widget templates and advanced text and image styles now all work with localisation file. Use Custom_ at the beginning of the key in the languages json file. For example Custom_Banner_Bottom

Fixed: Bug with contact form based products.

Version 8.2017.10.11
Released on 11th October 2017

Improved: Images and text links can have title attributes. Text links title attribute populated like this: [test link](link)[title here] - image links take title from description.

Improved: Headings now show their HTML labels to help anyone editing content with an SEO or accessibility perspective.

Version 8.2017.10.6
Released on 6th October 2017

Fixed: Scrolling/jumping quirks in editor - particularly in Chrome

Version 8.2017.10.5
Released on 5th October 2017

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Parallax performance

Fixed: Various fixes to booking products

Version 8.2017.9.21b
Released on 21st September 2017

New: options in Website Settings > General for clearing caches and rebuilding search index

Improved: Search now index content from Snippets as well as captions in galleries.

Fixed: Bug when adding files with + symbols in file name.

Improved: Calendar ICS download now includes correct time and duration.

Version 8.2017.9.18
Released on 18th September 2017

New: Booking products can now connect to a contact form to collect a set of information for each attending individual. This is then visible and exportable to CSV using the daily view in the Bookings area in the CMS.


[Design mode theme] New: Centered header module has new ‘menu with middle logo’ option. Add a logo asset in the center module area as well and it will show as the middle item of a centered menu (works best with even number of pages).


Fixed: Issue where closing a tab while a draft autosave event was firing or a poor internet connection could result in data loss from current draft.

Improved: Browser will prompt to stay on page if navigated away while a draft is autosaving.


Fixed: Issue with downloading large files

New: Added {FORM_RESPONSE} tag to order received templates to show checkout contact form data to customer.


[Design mode theme:] Fixed issue with ‘require’ settings in design mode.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: various display bugs

[Design mode theme] Improved: theme_vars_choices.json-userlogo version (swap this for theme_vars_choices.json when using the theme in a self-signup environment to let customers add their own branding elements)

Improved: Theme vars can now be excluded based on enabled features. Add “require”: “PRODUCTS” to only show an option when products is enabled in that site. Add to a “title” option to exclude the whole section. Strings are: PRODUCTS, BOOKING_PRODUCTS, VIDEOS, FORMS, CALENDARS, SNIPPETS, EMBED_CODES, LIVECHAT, MAILING_LIST, BLOG


New: api/search


Improved: Numeric order id is now added to ‘new order’ emails.


New: Page compression now enabled for css/js assets.

New: New system to ‘inline’ all javascript and css on initial page load, then swap back to file based for subsequent page loads. Faster page loading for initial loads whilst still leveraging browser caching for subsequent pageviews. Support for this can be enabled in any theme. See the Design Mode theme for sample code.

[Design mode theme] New: Support for new inlining of css/js for initial pageviews.

[Design mode theme] New: Option to disable Google Fonts if required for further page speed improvement.


New: Self signup sample website now includes provision for domain registrar integration.

New: When adding a new form input option, line breaks in the pasted value will convert to new options.

[Design mode theme] New: Background video now supported on iOS


Fixed: after-update.php script fixes.


Improved: Donation products now limited to one in basket.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue with justify menus.

New: Accessibility Mode. Define a custom domain to use in the Hub for a fully accessible version of the site.


Improved: Shift+Click now selects end-to-end when manually adding a new booking.

[Design mode theme] Added Google Translate module.


Fixed: Bug with serving CSS files in theme_merge directory.

Fixed: Bug with serving JS files in theme_merge directory.

Fixed: Bug with serving graphics from the theme_merge directory.


New: Custom currencies can now be added to the choices by adding a new file in settings/additional_currencies.json using a format like this:

"full":"VND (Vietnamese Dong)”


Improved: call change event on datepicker form fields when it updates the value.


Fixed: Prevented decimal quantity values.

Improved: Sidebar pages now honour the ‘hide from menus’ checkbox.


[Design mode theme] Improved: WCAG 2.0 improved compliance.


[Design mode theme] Added: Shipping discount code.


[Design mode theme] New: Added ‘shipping and handling’ rates.

Fixed: Checkout issue with HTML text showing after going through to PayPal


[Design mode theme] New: Support for ‘width’ for form fields

New: Support for ‘width’ for form fields. 25/50/75/100 in addition to ‘new row’ and ‘horizontal rule’ field types. (Automatically enabled when used with themes that support it)

[Design mode theme] New: Option in design mode theme for ‘mute background audio'.


Fixed: Hub API now longer creates sites with design mode enabled by default

New: Self signup website now has annual billing mode.


Fixed: issue with mini basket.
Improved: Contact form emails now use customer name is ‘from name’ like: ‘Steve Jobs (Sent via’ to allow mail clients to group them logically.

Improved: Contact form emails now use customer email address in ‘reply to’ field so emails can be replied to directly. Actual from email remains as no-reply@ to ensure deliverability).

[Design mode theme]: New: Floating sub menu system

[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Name issue with sitewide content area
Fixed: Sales tax calculation bug


Fixed: issue with large donation amounts.


Improved: Added date to invoice template

[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Parallax issues


New: Added ‘Invoice’ widget. When added to a page a ‘view invoice’ link will appear in the Orders view. This can then be printed or viewed. The customer will also get a link to this invoice page with their order received email.


Fixed: Fix blog snippet issue with widgets with zones.


Fixed: Force Hub to use new css from 8.2017.4.4.

Fixed: Share links behaviour


Fixed: Bug with clicking button in popdown dialogue areas in Chrome/Windows.

New: Added export options to the hub including the admin user email addresses for either master users or all admin users.

New: Sales tax options.


New: Added ability to add sender details to newsletter form from contact form submissions.

Design mode theme: Added ability to define default template section.

New: Special theme variable allowed with variable name of ’default_template_section’ that can be used to show a template section first even if it’s not first in the template sections json file.

[Design mode theme] New: Trip Advisor social icon.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Icon text elements where the contents are all a single link now include the icon within the link.


[Design mode theme]: New: Month at a time option for booking products.


Fixed: Bug where Editor area would jump when removing or adding elements.

Fixed: Bug where Editor area would jump to bottom when adding a widget.

Improved: Copy and pasting content is now specific to logged in user account.


Fixed: Files search bug


New: Hub now includes ability to select an existing site to use as content source.

New: Hub now includes ability to choose theme for new sites.


New: When a design mode option with variable name of ‘newsletter_css’ is added, the CSS populated will be converted to inline CSS on the newsletter HTML.

Fixed: Theme variables now populate in contact form auto responders and newsletter autoresponders.

Fixed: Theme variables now populate in newsletter templates.


Fixed: Livechat performance issue.

[Design mode theme]: Improved: page load display performance.

New: Contact forms can now be set to redirect to a page on submit.


[Design mode theme]: Added Flikr, Tubmlr and Yelp social icons

New: [Design mode theme]: Added option to hide blog comments in Website Settings >Template settings

New: Added ‘use live domain’ option to Hub. This makes CMS and View Site links go to the live domain instead of the preview URL.

New: Added page redirect option on form submission.


[Design mode theme] Improved: Alternative theme_vars.json file for use in a self-signup product, allows user to upload their own logo.

Fixed: Issue with the Hub not allowing login if viewed from a domain other than the primary URL. /sh will now redirect to the primary domain.

Improved: pre-cache page speed on sites with large blogs.


Improved: Contact form shows website at bottom.

Improved: Using ESC no long triggers operating system level operations like exiting full screen mode on mac


New: Sitewide content and template sections can be given custom names from theme_vars variables.

[Design mode theme] New: Support for custom sitewide content names and custom template section names.


Fixed: Bug when tables are added to snippet, sitewide content or blog articles.


Fixed: Bug with showing widgets and columns from some themes


New: Ability to add a 'theme_merge' folder to a site's folder containing the following files and folders. All content in the settings files will be merge with the selected items from the main theme. Files in the templates_widgets and templates_columns folders will be merged with their counterparts in the main theme. Files in css, graphics and javascripts will be available using the public directories as normal.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Image descriptions now show up with popup image links.

[Design mode theme] New: Pan Zoom options for background slideshows

[Design mode theme] New: Hover image widget

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Email link widget not working

20th Dec 2016 - Design Mode Theme Only

[Design mode theme] Fixed issue with search popdown affecting click-ability of items.

[Design mode theme] New: Added 'avocado' colour.


[Design mode theme] New: Checkout Coupon Codes

Improved: Checkout forms now longer trigger spam protection (they don't show up unless someone completes payment by PayPal)


Fixed: Issue where design settings would become corrupted during some version updates.

New: 'Open in new window' option in main menu pages. Requires theme to be modified to support this with something like this in the nav loop: {if $item.newWindow}target="_blank"{/if}

[Design mode theme] New: Support for 'open in new window'


New: $mainNavIncExcluded array now available to show all page items included ones hidden by the 'hide from menus' option. Useful for creating advanced interactive widgets such as the Searchable Subpage Index in the Design Mode theme.

Improved: Added html elements around book product data in basket.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Checkout styling on inverted backgrounds.


[Design mode theme] New: Vertically aligned column layouts.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Images in a column layout now only switch to max-width:50% when there is less that 140px of space to the side of the image and if they are followed by text.


Fixed: Bug that showed internal code in the blog content loop.


Fixed: Bug when adding a gallery product followed by a simple product to a page.


Improved: Added Google Analytics event tracking on form submissions and checkout to PayPal.


New: Added 'redirect to first sub-page' feature.


Improved: Excluding pages from main menu is now done with a tickbox and can be applied to sub-pages and pages with subpages.


Fixed: Issue where spaces wouldn’t show up in search results snippet.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Dropdown menus in second half no align to the right.

[Design mode theme] New: Searchable preview based subpage index. Use meta keywords to create a searchable list of subpages that show the ‘page preview’ item for each page. Requires the ‘Enable page preview Template Section’ item to be abled in Design mode.

Improved: Added $item.page_preview to subpage index loop (much faster than using $contentSplit.Page_Preview) but doesn’t replace as many storage items as contentSplit).


Improved: Changing quantity in basket to zero or below removed item from basket.

Improved: Sitemap.xml now uses correct MIME type.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Mobile menu search fix.


New: Added 'page preview' system. Requires a template section to be defined called 'Page Preview'. Content can be added to this and it is exposed to the main menu loop ($item.page_preview) and subpage index loop {$item.contentSplit.Page_Preview).

Fixed: View webversion link from Campaigns view when displayed via 'Insert' menu now works correctly

[Design mode theme] New: Page preview option enabled.

[Design mode theme] New: Countdown timer (user this format for date in CMS: 12/24/2012 12:00:00 )

[Design mode theme] New: Add smaller option.


Improved: Password protected pages now logout after 15 mins of inactivity.

Improved: Default jPlayer function supports autostart variable.

[Design mode theme] New: Two columns with sidebar layouts added.

[Design mode theme] New: ‘Search’ widget added.

[Design mode theme] New: Popup_Link advanced link style to display content in a popup. Can be used with YouTube links, Images and uploaded .mp4 files.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Display issue with ‘gallery (thumbs)’ and ‘slideshow multi’ gallery styles.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Display issue with ‘gallery (thumbs)’ and ‘slideshow multi’ gallery styles.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Content sections with a populated background now display even if their content area is empty.


Fixed: Server level API correctly sets design/staff/bookings features when creating new sites

Improved: Column layout changed to 'Layout'

[Design mode theme] Improved: Performance of fixed header hiding animation. Each header row is limited to a max-height of 300px by default.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Slideshow galleries adjust container height properly with images of different heights


Fixed: Issue where 'drag pages below..' line would appear more than once.

Fixed: Issue where long lists of pages wouldn't show up in the popdown page choose when building a link.

Fixed: Hitting enter or escape now works when adding form input options.

Fixed: Editing sitewide content now saves data when editing for the first time.

Fixed: Stopped booking products days scrolling every time a day was clicked.

Fixed: Booking products that have 'require at least one adult per booking' correctly warn the user if they try and book children without an adult.

Fixed: Deleting image no longer leaves a ghost of the selected image showing in the sidebar.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Invisible Horizontal Lines showing up when colours were being set in the options.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Contact forms contain error notification and highlighting of required fields.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue with fonts in some widgets/store items not being correct.


Fixed: Issue when switching to Website Settings after Design Mode where settings wouldn't show

New: When entering a manual booking, the logged in member of staff's email address is added to the 'Status' field for the order.

New: Bookings can now be edited by clicking them in the Bookings view.

New: Form auto responders can now include the sender's original form data. Add a paragraph to the auto responder page containing this string and it will be replaced by the data: ***SUBMITTED_FORM_CONTENT***

[Design mode theme] Improved: Blog layout

[Design mode theme] New: Phone icon in social icons

[Design mode theme] New: Semi-bold (600) option for font-weight (normal bold (700) available by using shortcode formatting in CMS).

[Design mode theme] New: Color options now available for horizontal rule widgets.

[Design mode theme] New: Searchable sub-page index widget.

[Design mode theme] New: Breadcrumb widgets.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Inconsistent margins with some left/right aligned modules.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Stock values are not shown for digital products.


[Design mode theme] Fixed issue with mobile menu display


New: Keyboard shortcuts for alignment of text and images in the editor. (Q: Left, W: Center, E: Right)

New: SSO Hub users can now reset passwords for all staff accounts, including master.

New: Master account users can now reset passwords for staff accounts.

Fixed: Issue with staff account passwords not working if they contained non-standard characters.

Improved: Duplicate contact forms can no longer be sent within 24 hours of each other.

Improved: Contact forms from the same IP address can no longer be sent within 15 seconds of each other.

Improved: Front end sites no longer poll to check livechat status if livechat is disabled.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: h4 colour issue on inverted rows.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: issue with plus/minus symbols in expand/collapse widgets.


New: Added 'All Products' view to Bookings display

Improved: Print display for Bookings view


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Information in Advanced CSS field now correctly references header_bar_1 and content_bar_2

[Design mode theme] New: Email and Livechat icons now optional in social links list (Website Settings > Contact and Social)


Improved: Booking product calendar scrolls to current day.

New: Force SSL option added to the Hub to redirect site to https version.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Button colours for forms correctly taking on button colours.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue where left module: logo, centered module: navigation, right module: logo triggered the menu button to appear twice in mobile mode.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue with using Fixed headers when mobile menu displaying.


[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue when multiple nav menus are added where mobile menu displays duplicates of the menu contents.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue when adding a logo in left module with a navigation menu in centered module triggering mobile mode even if there was space.


[Design mode theme] New: Added range of colours to shortcode replacements, use like this: [red:this will be red]

Improved: Booking products now require at least one date to be selected before clicking the add to basket button.


Fixed: Issue with pasting in text with tab characters into design mode choices of website settings choices.

[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Duplicate key issues with design mode choices.


New: Added category filter system to ‘blog articles’ admin view.

Improved: ‘select all’ functionality now correctly works when selecting all them making changes to properties. i.e items that haven’t been loaded via lazy loading will also be changed.

[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Blog article now shows up category in sidebar when only one category is assigned to it.

Improved: Speed improvements on uncached page load time - particularly on blog pages.


Fixed: Emails to customer during checkout and dispatched events now use 'from' email settings from Website Settings > Checkout Orders even if custom SMTP info isn't added.

[Design mode theme]: Fixed issue when contact forms added to checkout

[Super Skeleton Theme]: Fixed issue when contact forms added to checkout


[Design mode theme]: Fixed: issue with css rules for content rows 6 and 7.

[Design mode theme]: New: Added Expand Collapse Widget to create accordion style content layouts

[Design mode theme]: New: Made inline anchor links animate smoothly to their targets.


New: Events can now be Cut/Copy and Pasted between days on the same or different calendars.


[Design mode theme]: New: Two more content bars added


[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Body and Head append code issue.

[Design mode theme]: Fixed: Issue with search form not working.

New: Different databases/content can now be imported according to the theme selected when using the server level API to create sites.


[Design mode theme]: Improved: Behaviour at small widths when text wrapping around aligned images.

Fixed: Issue with image order when uploading new images.

Fixed: Issue with removing categories leaving galleries based on that gallery in a broken state.

Fixed: Issue with images not remaining sortable after uploading new image.

Fixed: Issue with removing category while images were being filtered by that category not resetting to show all images.


New: Added item-level Permission group settings (only supported in Pages for now).

Improved: batch selection with shift+click when selecting items in zones.

Improved: Ctrl click on windows and cmd click behaviour on mac for multiple selection.

Fixed: Renaming of image categories.

Fixed - no longer requires activation code to be re-entered after changing password in Hub.


Fixed: Text on import events dialogue info.

Fixed: Image scrolling bug with large numbers of images.

Fixed password reset in Hub when logged in.


New: Added Mailing Lists training video.


New: Theme_vars in mailing lists

Fixed: Loading icon not disappearing after changing image filter.

New: Training video for editor.


Improved. When adding images to theme_vars (design options or website settings) the filename will always be unique to avoid caching issues.


Fixed: Allowed theme_vars image uploads to accept ico files.

Improved: Redirect /favicon.ico to /images/themegraphics/favicon.ico in .htaccess


Improved: UI is now absent of brand-specific treatments to pave the way for in-app video-based help tutorials without inconsistency. Branding is still reinforced on login screen and a splash screen when logging in.


Fixed: Newsletter open tracking.


Fixed: Volume button not working in default jplayer skin.


Improved: Change position of reveal typography options in design mode theme.


Fixed: non-www to www domain redirect honours https if used.


New: Added a new theme_vars type 'video'. See this page for more info.


Fixed: Bug preventing images from being uploaded.


New: Images can now be organised in categories (and the list filtered by category). Galleries now share the images palette and are created dynamically using one or more image categories.

New: Images captions can be renamed in the images palette and those captions are used in galleries and as the default ‘description’ value when placed singly on a page.

Improved: Speed of live preview and pre-cache page render times.

Improved: Menus no longer hide after selecting a choice.

Fixed: Toolbar visibility after editing an image description/link in the editor.


Fixed: Character encoding issue in theme variables/design mode variables.


New: Design Mode options for themes.


New: Calendar events can now have custom fields created for them.

New: New default calendar event fields including image upload.

New: 10 upcoming calendar events from each calendar and category are now available to widgets/templates in pages and email.

New: Page content can be viewed as it will appear if sent via the emailing system (Page > Preview as email).


Fixed: Change the format of time sent date in form CSV export


New: Galleries can now be created from a selection of Storage Images.

New: Tables are now part of storage.


Fix issue with live shopping basket causing links to fail due to redirect. (Will require templates/includes/mini-basket.tpl changes to be merged from one of our currently available themes to be fully effective).


New: When logged in via the Hub ‘CMS’ links, you can now change the email address of the master account.


New: Added ability to check status of live domains in Hub by checking to see if live domain points at the server.

Fixed: Issue where left pane doesn’t display at correct width when managing blog authors or categories.


Fixed: Error when importing site

Fixed: Bug when trying to focus text fields in popdown dialogue boxes on iOS devices.

Fixed: Display and usability bugs on iOS


Fixed: Removed /setseed-hub link from ‘support login’ link on site login page.

Fixed: Issue with calendar loading breaking themes based on super skeleton framework.


IMPORTANT: Version 5 of the IonCube Loader is now required.

Improved: Newsletter unsubscribe links now mark email as opted out in all lists.

Fixed: Bug where campaign history wouldn’t show up


Fixed: Checkout view shows ‘children’ instead of ‘concessions’ when children quantity are added to booking products.


Improved: New sites now automatically use the first custom brand from the Hub.


Fixed: Issues with list items not displaying.


Important: The SetSeed API end point URL has changed in this version. Please ensure you update any scripts that use the Server Level API. In the SetSeed Customer Signup app this change is to replace /setseed-hub with /sh in libraries/Smarty/custom_plugins/setseed_website_builder_models/website.php
Also - don’t forget to update your newsletter sending Cron job path.

New: New Hub UI and shortcut actions for sites

Fixed: Issue with Subpages not loading properly
Improved: Hub is now white label. It uses the first ‘brand’ you define in the Hub to display on the login page and once logged in.


New: An active Hub session can now be used to login to any site on the Hub.

Improved: Booking products now display a combined availability calendar when multiple products are added to the same page consecutively. Calendar shows availability for any product that contain non-zero quantities.

Improved: Clicking preview URL from Hub opens in a new window.

Improved: Session handling in Hub

Fixed: csv form export order issue.

Fixed: issue with importing example site into hub.

Fixed: Missing smarty plugin.


Improved: Template Sections can now be accessed with $templateSections.Example_Section instead of $content.contentSplit.Example_Section (which is still supported, no need to update templates)

Fixed: XAMP issue resolved.


Improved: Speed Improvements for sites with many pages/snippets.


New: (Beta) Bookings System

Improved: subPagesList array now includes price_min and price_max values to represent the high and low prices of any products on the respective pages.

Improved: .htaccess fle now has instructions to prevent sites on the preview domains being indexed.

Fixed: Shortcodes now work in sitewide content areas.

Fixed: Stock Quantity for products with variants with separate stocks now update correctly when orders is placed.

Fixed: Products with variants now don’t add duplicates when added to the basket consecutively

Fixed: Cache now cleared when apply/unapplying a product category.

Fixed: Blog articles with dollar symbols now work correctly.

Fixed: If the same email address appears in multiple lists but with inconsistent capitalisation, the system will now treat it as a single email rather than sending to both versions, when sending to multiple lists.


New: Shortcode replacements. Add a new file called shortcode_replacements.json in ~/settings/ in this format (optionally use % to capture text):

,"replace": "<span style="color:#f00;">%</span>"


Fixed: issue with pages excluded from menu not being included in auto-generated sitemap.xml file.
New: $content.recentArticlesByCat[#] array for showing recent articles by category id (#).

Fixed: Bug where scrolling breaks when adding lots of product options.

Fixed: Snippets stop becoming draggable after infinite-scroll loading.


Fixed: Bug where a page title from the Webpages list could be dropped onto a page.

Fixed: Bug where .cf_error class doesn’t get removed after re-trying a failed field when submitting contact forms.

New: Core_Related_Products.tpl widget support. Allows widget to be placed on page that shows 10 random products from the chosen category. Pages already containing products will need to be re-published before they will show up in these widgets.

Fixed: Issue with cmd+I italic keyboard shortcut on safari.


Fixed: Issue when column layout was inserted following a widget when the editable zones shared the same name.

Fixed: Issue with importing sites.


Fixed: bug with donation amounts rounding down.

Fixed: issue with creating domains names similar to existing ones causing collisions.

Fixed: bug in customer signup content that prevented the ‘signed in top’ Snippet from being editable.

Fixed: Bugs in elegant theme and customer_signup site.


IMPORTANT: Changed to monthly licensing for all new websites (existing sites will continue to work as expected). Contact us for more information or get started today.

New: Rebranded to SetSeed CG

New: Added ‘brand editor’ to Hub. You can now set brands on sites directly within the hub.

New: Now includes 'customer signup' website including support pages, customer account and website creation.

Fixed: Issue where site would show up twice in billing portal (this was only a display issue and wouldn’t result in the site being counted as two).

Fixed: Issue with website builder template where coupon discounted prices showed with strikethrough.

Fixed: Issue where order details wasn’t showing at correct width.

Fixed: Display quirk in Chrome when scrolling

Fixed: Bug where donation products weren’t showing entered amount in checkout.

Updated: jPlayer version

Improved: Simplified the config setup in function.setseed_website_builder.php

Improved: Added $LIMIT_PAGES variable to main template

Improved: CSV import to newsletter now trims white space from email addresses.

Improved: Site cache is now cleared when updating site limits via the API.

Improved. $product_categories is now available in mini-basket.tpl


Fixed: Display issue with livepreview drag boundary.


Fixed: Issue when sending to mailing lists to multiple groups.

Fixed: Issue where key some events would not unbind after focusing in text area.


Fixed: issue where subscribers wouldn’t lazy-load on-scroll as expected.

Fixed: gap showing after dismissing the insert palette.

Fixed: Prevented multiple categories in subscriber filter menu breaking layout.

Fixed: highlight on mobile devices no longer stays visible after focusing a new element.

Fixed: Gap to left of Section tabs on mobile devices.

Fixed: ctrl(or cmd)+clicking then shift+up/down now works as expected

Fixed: When sending mailing lists - it will always use the current published version.

Fixed: Issue when sending newsletter where very rarely the ‘subject, settings not set’ message would show up.

Improved: Adding/removing categories from mailing list subscribers no longer hides menu.

Improved: Selection remains selected after dragging and dropping to change order.

Improved: Removed orange notification after sending newsletter


Fixed: Highlight failing to remove after selecting then typing.


Fixed: Shift clicking elements fixed (again!)

Fixed: cmd/alt clicking elements fixed

Fixed: Pane tools remain active when duplicating content.

Fixed: When a user does’t have livechat privileges, they no longer set the status as available when logged in.

Fixed: Display glitch when editing item titles.


Fixed issue where a ‘page’ could be dragged onto currently editing page content area resulting in page name showing up.


Fixed: Share menu fixed.

Fixed: Multiple language pages now show the first page (not the last) when changing to a different language collection.

Fixed: Language filter menu behaviour


New: All new email queue system (requires extra manual configuration when updating to this version).

Fixed: Issue with links and images in auto responder emails.

Fixed: Various UI quirks


Fixed: Issue with page jumping.

Fixed: Issue with form based products not working correctly.


Improved: Vast speed improvements when removing and renaming Storage items on large sites.

Fixed: Height of text editor no longer shrinks after adding links

Fixed: Height of meta title/description or other popup textareas now updates correctly.

Fixed: Glitch with Insert palette width when resizing window

Fixed: Glitch with Insert Pallet padding/text when resizing window.

Fixed: Issue when changing size of image unselecting image.

Fixed: Issue with display of Files popdown.


Improved: Contrast and readability of some fonts

Fixed: Shift-click works correctly


Improved: Massive speed improvements when working with large text documents.

Improved: Parsing of name strings to generate ‘first name’ values when certain prefixes are entered (mr, mrs, etc).

Improved: Search filter in mailing list subscribers now searches on name as well as email.

Fixed: Issue with highlight and tooltip position when selecting text containing < > symbols

Fixed: code showing in advanced text styles

Fixed: Display glitch when disabling live preview

Fixed: Issue with unsubscribing users.

Fixed: Character encoding issue with username for SetSeed Hub


Version 8 2014 Changelog

Version 7 Changelog