The current changelog is now included in the application itself. Changes will no longer be added to this page. View video summaries in our blog.

Note: This changelog will include changes to our themes as well. The version numbers correspond to the date released.

Version 8.2018.1.10

[Design mode theme] Improved: Coupon codes can now be restricted to only products in a certain category.

Improved: Performance of image loading in Help

Version 8.2018.1.8

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Bug with donation and gallery products.

Version 8.2018.1.5

Fixed: Issue with titles on links after re-opening a page.

Fixed: Bug when importing from an existing some site in some situations. ('Specified key was too long')

Improved: Design mode image options now show a preview of the uploaded image.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Sales tax shows in live shopping basket.

[Design mode theme] Improved: Products added to pages via Snippets will now show the parent page's default image as the product image and link.

Version 8.2018.1.3b

New: Option to exclude pages from search engines. Add this to your main.tpl template to enable the feature in a theme (Design mode theme supports it natively)

{if $content.noindex}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Version 8.2018.1.2b

[Design mode theme] New: Canonical link tags added for all pages except search pages.

[Design mode theme] New: noindex,follow tags added for blog tag/date and search pages.

[Design mode theme] New: 'Poster image' feature. Enable in Design > Advanced > Enable poster image template section. This will enable a 'Post image' tempalte where an image can be added to override the default auto-generaged Facebook and Twitter sharing images when someone shares the image.


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