The Most Powerful White-Label CMS Website Platform for Resellers

Build websites for your customers with custom themes or run your own self-signup website builder product.

Awesome CMS features for your clients

Everything your customers need is included and presented in a beautiful responsive white-label CMS.

Online Store

PayPal integration and powerful product system let your customers start selling with ease.

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Simple blogging with comments, RSS and multiple- authors. Date, tag and category search for visitors.

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Email Newsletters

Send beautiful emails to mailing lists from within the CMS. Includes real-time open and opt-out tracking.

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Visitors can chat to website admins using built-in livechat. With audio alerts.

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New feature: Availability Booking System

Sell availability based products across a range of categories.

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Also includes contact forms, powerful image and gallery handling, calendars, video, page security, multiple admin users, multi-languages and much more.

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Content editing like never before
Say goodbye to WYSIWYG editors, finally

Let your customers put their content first with a robust plain-text editor with side-by-side live preview.

This is a website builder that bravely puts content first. The site designs itself around the structural elements and content and your customers can’t break the consitency!

Customer signup and billing tools
SetSeed comes with a slick signup and billing application ready to go

Using an exciting ‘Features Store’ format, your customers can add additional features and start paying per month for them using their PayPal account.

You can even create coupon codes to offer discounts for variable periods of time. Perfect for running advertising campaigns.

The included billing/signup app is just one approach to selling websites on the platform. You can also create your own signup/billing app or integrate with an existing system easily using the APIs.

You also have full source-code access to the billing app so you can modify it as much as you need.

Powerful theme and template system
SetSeed themes are built using Smarty templates. Tried, tested and easy to work with.

Seamless image handling

Define powerful image size and crop presets in the theme that let your customers handle images without worrying about pixels or ratios.

Add powerful custom 'apps'

By writing Smarty plugins in PHP you can create advanced dynamic 'apps' that your customers can add to their sites.

Versioning and caching

CSS and JS files are automatically combined to single, versioned files and template output is cached for instant performance.

Columns and widgets

SetSeed themes make it easy to give your customers amazing layout tools that can be placed anywhere on any page.

Powerful control

Style anything the CMS generates including image galleries, contact forms, calendars and products.

Index widgets

Create template widgets that let customers show sub-page indexes on any parent page.