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What's new?

Version 8.2017.10.12
Released on 12th October 2017

Fixed: Image sizes, layout templates, widget templates and advanced text and image styles now all work with localisation file. Use Custom_ at the beginning of the key in the languages json file. For example Custom_Banner_Bottom

Fixed: Bug with contact form based products.

Version 8.2017.10.11
Released on 11th October 2017

Improved: Images and text links can have title attributes. Text links title attribute populated like this: [test link](link)[title here] - image links take title from description.

Improved: Headings now show their HTML labels to help anyone editing content with an SEO or accessibility perspective.

Version 8.2017.10.6
Released on 6th October 2017

Fixed: Scrolling/jumping quirks in editor - particularly in Chrome

Version 8.2017.10.5
Released on 5th October 2017

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Parallax performance

Fixed: Various fixes to booking products

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