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What's new?

Note: This changelog will include changes to our themes as well. The version numbers correspond to the date released.

Version 8.2017.12.5

[Design mode theme] Improved: Multi-gateway checkout support.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Sales tax line item no longers displays in mini live basket.

Version 8.2017.12.1

Fixed: Bug where renaming a product would appear to change the names of the 'choices' for that product (actual option names weren't changed).

Version 8.2017.11.30.4

[Design mode theme] Improved: More shipping tiers (5) and options (10 per tier) added.

Version 8.2017.11.30.3

Improved: Added support for Greek pagenames

Version 8.2017.11.30.2

Fixed: Support login link on mobiles now visible

Version 8.2017.11.30.1

New: Allow individual products to be made exempt from sales tax

Version 8.2017.11.30

Fixed: Issue with saving additional payment gateway credentials.

Version 8.2017.11.24

New: Sales tax settings exposed to shoppingbasket.tpl

[Design mode theme] New: Added option to stop the addition of sales tax to orders depending on which shipping rate is selected.

Version 8.2017.11.23

New: 'Pinned' feature for blog articles (requires template support, 'design mode' includes support). Wherever pinned articles are included in a set of articles (i.e main index, category, tag or date filters) the pinned articles will be omitted from the main results and exposed as a separate loop.

New: Option for Facebook import to 'pin' articles with a certain tag.

Version 8.2017.11.22

New: "Test live domains and set Live checkboxes for live sites" option in the Hub to automatically set live sites 'live' checkbox when the site is found to be live (useful to setting the live checkbox on old servers)

Improved: Checkout template now gets a net_totals variable to show the total basket without the sales tax component.

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue with dropdown menus being obscured

Version 8.2017.11.21b

[Design mode theme] Fixed: Issue with alignment of secondary right modules

[Design mode theme] New: Search widget option for all modules

Version 8.2017.11.21

New: Cron script to check if live domains are resolving via DNS. (/sh/notify-facebook-posts.php - recommended run once daily)

Version 8.2017.11.20

Fixed: Adding new images now replaces dashes and underscores with spaces.

Improved: Display when dragging images.

Improved: Self signup sample website is now build using Design Mode

Version 8.2017.11.16

Improved: Multiple (up to three) gateways can now be configured in design mode themes. PayPal and Authorize.net support are available.

Version 8.2017.11.15

Fixed: Issue with shortcodes for links with titles in Sitewide Content areas and Blog posts.

Version 8.2017.11.10

[Design mode theme] New: Design > Advanced > Match parallax zoom levels across page. Enable this mode to make sure all parallax areas crop by the same factor. This will be based on the parallax background that requires the most cropping.

[Design mode theme] Parallax background cropping improved. Backgrounds only crop as much as they need to. For example if a background is enabled for a bar near the top of the page, that area will never need to reveal part of the background image near the bottom of the user's window. Therefore, the enlarging of that image doesn't need to be as aggressive.

[Design mode theme] New: 'Combined Parallax' mode. All 5 background images are combined to create a 3D layered parallax scrolling effect. Background image 1 will appear further away than background image 5. Images will need to be PNGs of GIFs with transparent areas.

Version 8.2017.11.6

Fixed: Issue with dollar symbols in contact forms.

Version 8.2017.11.3

[Design mode theme] Improved: New 'tier' in shipping options.

Version 8.2017.11.2

[Design mode theme] New: Choose between PayPal or Authorize.net as payment gateways.

New: Authorize.net Function available as Smarty plugin (PHP 5.6 Required if this plugin is used)

New: Option to add multiple payment gateways to a theme. See settings/gateways.json in the design mode theme for an example.

Fixed: Bug with attendee data being duplicated.

Fixed: Crash when Facebook authorization revoked from Facebook account.

Fixed: Bug when viewing images filtered by category and then adding/changing selected categories, resulting in duplicate images in galleries.

Version 8.2017.10.27

New: Connect to Facebook feature. Allows site owners to connect to their Facebook accounts and have their feed imported to the website blog.

Version 8.2017.10.22

Improved: Compatibility when downloading digital products.

Fixed: If an alternative address is added from a custom checkout implementation, it is now labelled 'shipping address' in the admin and normal PayPal supplied address is referred to as the billing address.

Version 8.2017.10.20

Fixed: issue where basket wouldn’t show all attendee data when bookings products where added.

Improved: Pages with booking products on now store entered information and pre-load when returned to the page (i.e if the user goes back from the checkout page). The user is given the option to reset.

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