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What's new?

Version 8.2017.10.18b
Released on 18th October 2017

[Design mode theme] Improved: Layout on radio and checkboxes in design mode.

Version 8.2017.10.18
Released on 18th October 2017

Fixed: Bugs in front-end admin checkout system.

Improved: Custom name definitions in booking products now export to CSV and show in Bookings back end

Version 8.2017.10.17
Released on 17th October 2017

Improved: Booking products ‘add manual booking’ option removed for consistency (only on sites where the front-end manual order mode is supported).

Improved: Add ability to define the names of ‘adults’, ‘children’ and ‘concessions’ per booking product.

Fixed: Layout bugs with 4x 25% form columns.

Improved: Order of fields in admin front-end checkout form.

Fixed: CSV export issue where children were swapped to concessions in booking CSV export.

New: Added ‘archive’ mode to Orders view. Three modes now behave as follows:
- Delete: Deletes the order everywhere including associated bookings. No email is sent to the customer. CSV export will not show deleted orders.
- Archive: Hides the order from the main orders list. Associated booking data and CSV export data will remain visible.
- Dispatch: The same as Archive but the order dispatched email will be sent to the customer.

Version 8.2017.10.13
Released on 13th October 2017

New: Logged in admin users can now place a customer order from front-end checkout. (Requires support in theme, design mode is supported).

New: Stock alerts system. Admin users can enable an option to receive low stock alerts for products my ‘Your account’. Products need to be configured to trigger alerts, along with a threshold, in Storage > Products. Only products that have the option enabled will trigger alerts. Admins will receive one alert when a product stock level is taken from above the threshold to below it. It will re-trigger every time the level goes from above to below the threshold.

Fixed: Bookings layout bug

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