Software you can trust with longevity built in

We understand how important it is that you can trust the software you use to power your product. This is all the more important when you're using your own brand. We've solved these concerns in three ways:

Fixed residual costs

Once you create over 25 websites your licensing charge will be based on a $2.22 fee per month per site. We will never increase this price for your existing websites so your residual costs will never increase. This is real piece of mind.

Real hosting control

We believe the only way to be in control over your service's uptime is to host it yourself. Some providers charge a massive premium to let you use your own server. We don't.

Failsafe licensing

We don't believe being a small company this should pose any greater risk to you than any other provider. If we ever disappear, the licensing and billing mechanism in the software will automatically go into 'bypass' mode. You'll be able to continue using SetSeed just as before.