Integrate SetSeed into your own SaaS solution with the powerful API

SetSeed includes a powerful API to let you create new websites from your own applications. Use the API to create new websites, adjust features, set quotas and limits or disable sites.

Customer signup and billing tools
SetSeed comes with a slick signup and billing application ready to go. Start with this, edit it or build your own.

Using an exciting ‘Features Store’ format, your customers can add additional features and start paying per month for them using their PayPal account.

You can even create coupon codes to offer discounts for variable periods of time. Perfect for running advertising campaigns.

The included billing/signup app is just one approach to selling websites on the platform. You can also create your own signup/billing app or integrate with an existing system easily using the APIs.

You also have full source-code access to the billing app so you can modify it as much as you need.