Updating SetSeed

When we release a new version of SetSeed you can easily update your installation to automatically update all your client's sites.

Obviously it's extremely important to have a working and current backup system in place before applying an update as there is always a chance the update could break something, either the whole installation or one or more of your sites. This is your responsibility. Remember, to restore from a backup you need to restore all the MySQL databases used for each site powered by your installation of SetSeed (one database per site) as well as the contents of your web root folder (see the server setup article for more details).

Updating from 8.2016.3.25 or older?
Please ensure you have the latest version of ionCube Encoders installed on your server.

Updating from 8.2016.3.16 or older?
The SetSeed API end point URL will change when upgrading for this version or older. Please ensure you update any scripts that use the Server Level API. In the SetSeed Customer Signup app this change is to replace /setseed-hub with /sh in libraries/Smarty/custom_plugins/setseed_website_builder_models/website.php
Don’t forget to update your newsletter sending Cron job path.
You'll also need to replace your current .htaccess files with the one from the latest version. You'll need to merge in any changes you made to your existing .htaccess file in this scenario.

Updating from version older than 8.2015.2.10?
You'll need to perform these steps to activate the new newsletter mailing list feature.

Updating from version 5.4.14 or older
Click here to view instructions if you're updating from versions 5.4.14 or older.

Updating from versions 5.7.23 or newer

1. Backup first

Updating any software always carries an element of risk. Therefore it is essential to have a working and current backup in place of your entire SetSeed installation, including all MySQL databases used by SetSeed (one for each site you power with SetSeed plus the main SetSeed database).

Also - be sure to take note of the values in your current configuration.php file, located in /app/configuration.php

2. Enable maintenance mode

Log into your server via FTP then rename the maintenance.htaccess file to .htaccess - this will replace the current .htaccess file on your server and put your server into maintenance mode.

You'll probably need to rename or remove the old .htaccess manually first. If you have any made any modifications to the .htaccess file, for example to use a cgi script to execute PHP files, please ensure those rules are also added to your maintenance.htaccess file.

3. Remove old files

The next step is to remove all the old files and folders from the document root of your server except for the following:

  • 'sites' folder (which contains all your sites' data),
  • .htaccess and index.php files in place to keep maintenance mode active
  • 'themes' folder (if you have one) which is where your site-wide themes are kept
  • Make sure you save the contents of /libraries/Smarty/custom_plugins so you can restore into the same location in the new version

4. Upload new files

You can now upload all the files from the current version download folder to your document root except for the 'sites' folder, do not replace the one you currently have on the server with that one. Also be sure not to upload the 'install' folder as you won't need that to perform an upgrade. Uploading it is a security risk.

5. Update database settings

Now that you've uploaded the new files you can add your database settings to the configuration.php file. This file is located here: /app/configuration.php and should be updated with the values you took note of earlier.

6. Update default site

This step is optional but recommended. You can replace the folder called 'default' in your 'sites' folder with the updated version, which is located in the 'install' folder in the application download archive. This folder is used as a source when creating new websites with SetSeed and newer versions may contain updated code etc to allow access to new features.

7. Run the update script

You can now run the update script to complete the upgrade by visiting /setseed-hub/after-update.php on your server. You will need to login using your existing SetSeed Hub username/password.

8. Turn off maintenance mode

You can then turn off maintenance mode by removing the current .htaccess file (you would have uploaded a new maintenance.htaccess file during the update which you can use next time) then renaming the rename-during-install.htaccess file to .htaccess to become the new current .htaccess file. This will bring your sites back online and completes the upgrade process.

Again, please ensure you have a full and working backup system before applying any update to SetSeed. This is your responsibility.