Preview websites before making them live

The SetSeed application has a neat way of letting you preview a website before actually hooking it up to the live domain

Your 'Primary Domain'

When you first install SetSeed, the domain name you use will automatically become the 'primary domain' for your SetSeed server.

This 'primary domain' is then used to create the preview URLs for all sites you create with your installation of SetSeed.


If your primary domain is and you create a new website called within SetSeed, you can view that site at

Making it work

For preview URLs to work you need to make sure the preview url actually exists as a subdomain with your domain DNS provier (ususally your domain name registrar or your web host). You can usually add it as a CNAME record pointing to your main Primary Domain.

You also need to make sure the server is configured to serve the SetSeed document root when that domain is used.

You can do this by adding the domain as an Add-on Domain (cPanel) or Domain Alias (Plesk). If you're using a VPS or Dedicated server you can use your own DNS tools to point that domain straight at your server's IP address. If your domain name is fully managed by your web host, you won't need to manually create the DNS records above.

Advanced tip

You can avoid having to create new DNS records for each preview URL by adding a wildcard DNS entry. In the above example you could add an A record to the DNS for * and point it to the server's IP address. That way whenever you create a new site in SetSeed, its preview URL will automatically work.