Download SetSeed - Quick Start Guide

You can download the latest version of SetSeed after clicking the 'SetSeed Monthly Subscription' app under your MyApps page within your AppDirect account.

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Requirements: SetSeed is web software. You need to have a Linux-based web server running PHP 5.2+, Apache 2 and MySQL 5+. The installer will check your server configuration for compatibility. Don't have a compatible web server? Get in touch and we'll help you get up and running.

1. Unzip the download file.

2. Upload the contents of the folder to the document root (i.e 'public_html' etc, not a sub-folder) of your public web space using your FTP application.

Important. Do not try and install SetSeed alongside existing files and folders. SetSeed needs to be in an empty web space and will prevent any existing pages from being accessed.

3. Visit /install on your domain.

That's it! You're on your way to installing SetSeed. If your server isn't compatible, the installer will instruct you of any changes you may need to make. You can also check the system requirements here.

Next Steps:

  • Get started with SetSeed by importing and using the included example website
  • Use the Support page to learn about using SetSeed or ask a question