Configuring your server to handle multiple domains

Because SetSeed is installed in a single installation on your server and can power multiple websites, your server needs to be set up to use the SetSeed virtual host with multiple domains

Shared Hosting

If you use a shared hosting provider you will likely be using a control panel like cPanel or Plesk to administer your server. These applications make it very easy to add additional domains with your server so that you can power multiple sites with your single installation of SetSeed.


If you are using cPanel you can view our step-by-step walkthrough.


If you're using Plesk to administer your server, you can add domains to your SetSeed installation by using the 'Domain Alias' feature. Just add a new domain alias for each domain you want to use with SetSeed.

You can also use the SetSeed preview URL system. View this article for more information.

VPS/Dedicated Hosting

Most, if not all, hosting servers can easily be set up to handle the 'multiple domain to one site' concept. Basically all you are effectively doing is configuring a server to either have multiple 'virtual domains' or use a wildcard domain. So basically the server will use the SetSeed installation regardless of which domain is used to point at the server. As long as the DNS is set up for those domains to actually point at the server, and the server is configured to use the SetSeed installation folder for any requests, then SetSeed will automatically serve the correct websites based on which domain is used to access the server.

For example, lets say you buy a new VPS server from a hosting company and set up a fresh server template on it. By default it will likely have a single virtual host already configured and this will likely be a wildcard domain already. (Unless you setup a server that has a management app on it, like Plesk or Cpanel - see below) Lets say the server's IP address is - if you visit that in a browser you will see the virtual host holding page. If you then create a new DNS record for your domain called and point that at the IP address, you will see the same holding page. This is because the server is configured to show that virtual host regardless of the domain used (in this case either the IP address or You can then install SetSeed on that domain and create new sites as documented here .

If your server uses Plesk or Cpanel you have to create domains one by one using the interface in those applications. For example you could create a new domain in Plesk and just call it or similar. Then you would install SetSeed in that domain on your server. Then, to make sure the server uses that site (the SetSeed installation) for the multiple domains you want to power with the CMS, you would just need to add those domains in Plesk as 'domain aliases'. The terminology in Cpanel is 'domain parking'. Then all you need to do is create the websites within SetSeed and you're good to go!