Installation and Server Setup

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Installing SetSeed on cPanel® based web host

If your hosting provider uses cPanel, this guide will walk you through the process of installing SetSeed, setting up the example website and then creating another website of your own. It covers creating MySQL databases and setting up additional domains with your hosting account.

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Installation Errors

When you run the SetSeed installer you might see some errors relating to your server's configuration. This sections contains more detail on how to fix some of the errors you might encounter.

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Configuring your server to handle multiple domains

Because SetSeed can power multiple websites from a single virtual host on your server, you'll want to familiarise yourself with how to use multiple domains with your installation so the websites show up.

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Updating SetSeed

One of the most exciting things about SetSeed is keeping it, and all of your clients, up to date. Updating SetSeed is simple but to ensure a smooth transition it's important to follow some specific steps.

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Preview websites before making them live

SetSeed can easily be incorporated into your development workflow with it's useful preview domain feature. This lets you develop a website on a preview domain and prevents the need for more than one Domain Key.

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Adding JWPlayer video player to your installation of SetSeed

SetSeed lets your clients easily upload videos to their pages. However, you'll want to add a flash-based video player to your installation of SetSeed to get the most out of this. SetSeed lets you choose which player you want to use and is pre-configured to work with JW Player.

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