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Self-building menu system

  • Add pages in a 4-level menu tree
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Pages can also be excluded from your menu
  • Webpages can be made offline to hide them from your website
  • Choose to redirect a page to a new location

Password protection

  • Pages can be password protected with one or more 'access groups'
  • Once a visitor is logged in they can view any page in the same access group

Advanced tools

  • Cut/copy/paste/duplicate webpages
  • Redirects automatically created when a page is moved with cut/paste or renamed

Multi-language support

  • Pages can be filtered by language in the CMS
  • Menu automatically created on your website to link to the different language versions of your site
  • Microcopy automatically localised by included language files (eg. Search, Submit etc)


  • Deleted pages can be restored from trash at any time


  • Webpages can be filtered by keyword to make it easy to find the page you want to work with on larger sites

Permission Groups

  • Pages can be assigned to permission groups to allow staff access to only some pages.

Page content

Blueprint Editing Concept

  • Enjoy an amazing new way to edit your content
  • All your content is represented in a logical 'blueprint' format
  • You just work with your content - without the styling and layout distracting you
  • See how your content will look in the side-by-side live-preview.

Drafts and Versions

  • Your changes are automatically saved as a draft
  • Each time you publish a page, the previous version is saved in an archive
  • Previous versions can be restored at any time.

Live Preview

  • Enjoy a side-by-side preview as you work with your draft
  • Your content 'blueprint' shows on the left, the final page as it will look to your visitors on the right (on screens that aren't wide enough, you can show the preview with a button)


  • You can undo/redo your changes in any given session


  • Your selection can be cut or copied and will then be available to paste into other pages or elsewhere on your page
  • Pasted content will always be added after a selection to make it easy to insert content in a new location
  • You can also paste text directly into the 'blueprint' from your device's clipboard

Drag images from desktop

  • You can drag one or more images from your desktop directly to a location on your 'blueprint' to add them to your page

Plain-text editor

  • All text is edited using a super-simple plain-text editing system
  • Double-click/tap a text item to edit it, then just start typing
  • Highlight words to see a contextual menu to apply inline formatting using shortcodes (bold/italic/underline/strike/sup/sub) or add links to webpages, files or other websites

Meta information

  • Add meta title/description/keywords to your pages for search engine optimisation

Multiple templates

  • Multiple templates can be created as part of a site's theme
  • Templates can be assigned to pages in the CMS

Clone content

  • You can easily clone a page's content from one page to another
  • Changes made to the original will be reflected on pages that are cloned
  • Includes SEO meta tags to avoid duplicate content issues

Share Menu

  • Once you've published a page you can share its link easily by email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Elegant handling of lists

  • List items can be indented to create nested lists
  • Drag and drop a list item onto another list item to indent it
  • Separate text by a blank line when editing a list-item to automatically create multiple new items

Drag and drop simplicity

  • All content in your blueprint can be dragged-and-dropped
  • You can select one or more items (text, images, Storage items) and apply formatting and layout from simple drop-down menus

Powerful column system

  • Column layouts that are part of your theme can easily be used on your page
  • Just drag a column layout to your page, then drag content into the column 'dropzones'
  • A theme can have any number of column layouts
  • Because the column layouts are built within the theme, they can be fully responsive, and those kinds of choices don't need to be made on the content-level

Advanced 'widgets'

  • Widgets can be created as part of your theme that let you easily add pre-formatted items with editable 'dropzones'. For example: staff bio 'boxes' that contain a picture and text
  • Widgets can be combined with Website Settings, Sitewide Content and more to create advanced systems that can be placed anywhere on a page

Seemless Storage system

  • All Storage items can easily be dragged to your page to add them where you want
  • Storage items can even be created on-the-fly without needing to leave your page blueprint

Template Sections

  • Easily assign content to different positions in your template by adding template sections to the page
  • Drag and drop to instantly include or exclude content
  • Template sections are defined by the theme developer

Image scaling and cropping

  • Images can be automatically scaled and cropped according to presets defined in the theme
  • Scale and crop presets allow for images to be cropped to match an aspect ratio, scaled to fit within a size or scaled by one side only
  • Scaled images are cached on the server for rapid downloading


Responsive interface

  • Responsive interface works on all screen sizes as well as iOS 6+ devices
  • Image and video uploads from iOS devices are also supported
  • No need for a separate iOS app - just all the tools you're used to; elegantly formatted at any size

Welcome Screen

  • The welcome screen is the first page you see when you login. It greets you with a friendly message and provides quick and logical access to the main areas of the CMS.

Keyboard friendly

  • Most areas of the CMS support standard keyboard controls like: 'n' for new item, up/down to select previous/next time. Shift+up/down add items to selection. Backspace to delete selected items. As well as operating system defaults for cut/copy/paste/duplicate/select all/deselect all.

Tooltip system

  • Tooltips show you how to use the system at just the right time with key points. Tooltips can be reset so you can view them all again.

Theme Variables

  • Theme developers can create variables that apply throughout the template
  • These can be configured in the CMS and can be drop down menus, checkboxes, image based choices (ideal for showing colours or palettes), or even file uploads (i.e allowing you to upload a logo for the site through the CMS)

Login and Admin Users

Multiple admin users

  • Privileges can be set for each admin user
  • Admin users can reset their password if they forget it

Secure login without SSL

  • The login system encrypts passwords before they are sent
  • Passwords are still encrypted even when SSL connections aren't used

Persistent login

  • 'Keep me logged in on this machine' option allows persistent login on a given machine
  • Works perfectly with iOS web app mode

Image Galleries

Unlimited galleries

  • Create as many galleries as you like, insert them anywhere on any page with the Storage system
  • Edit the gallery in Storage and it updates automatically wherever it is placed on the site
  • Each image in your gallery can have a caption - this is automatically created from the filename but can be changed at any point.

Powerful uploading

  • Quickly upload multiple images with the batch uploader
  • Drag-and-drop images straight from your desktop
  • Upload multiple images from iOS devices

Drag and drop to re-order

  • Image can quickly be re-ordered in each gallery
  • The new image order will instantly show on any page that contains that gallery

Shop product integration

  • Images galleries can be combined with shop products to allow image choices/variations for products (ideal for selling photo prints on your site)
  • Also works with products with options

Automatic resizing

  • When images are uploaded they are automatically resized into a thumbnail and a large version
  • No need to resize images prior to uploading
  • Developers can choose the size for images and thumbnails when developing a theme

Full template control for developers

  • Gallery system can be fully customised in the templates - no need to stick with the default lightbox
  • Easily create unique gallery layouts or slideshows using images added using the Gallery system
  • You can even create more than one gallery style which can be applied to galleries in the CMS


Responsive calendars

Calendars and events are fully responsive

Add multiple calendars

Create events in different calendars then add a given calendar to any page.

Link to pages or sites

Create links for your events. Link to a page, download or other website.

Full template control for developers

Customise calendars using the template system to create beautiful calendars.

AJAX month navigation

Calendars view one month at a time and let visitors browse months using AJAX to change months without reloading pages.

Simple admin interface

Adding events has never been easier, click a day then add an event.



Publish articles in multiple categories to let your visitors quickly find related articles and browse articles by category.


Flexible tag system lets you tag articles with bottom-up tags to let your visitors find related articles. Also generates a tag cloud.


Let multiple authors publish articles, each article automatically displays the author as well as showing a site-wide biography for that author.


Visitors can post comments on blog articles. Spam protection built in without using irritating CAPTCHA systems. Choose to allow instant publishing or require approval for all comments.

Browse by date

Blog system lets your visitors search your articles by day or month using a mini-calendar.

Search system

Blog-specific search system lets your visitors search your blog for articles. Results are logically displayed in order of relevance based on frequency and placement of keywords. Uses word stems to ensure matching of multiple versions of keywords.

Author replies

Easily reply to comments on your articles by using the author reply password. Author replies can be given different formatting in the template.


Automatic pagination of articles. Change the number of articles per page easily in the CMS.

RSS Feeds

Visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds for all articles or comments on individual articles.

Contact Forms

Unlimited contact forms

Create as many contact forms as you wish for any purpose. Specify a recipient email address and rest assured the email address can't be seen on the site, by humans or robots.

Super-simple form builder

SetSeed's form builder makes building forms so simple you won't realise you're actually doing it. Simply add a field, choose its kind and enter a label. Create any of the following fields: input, textarea, select, radio group, checkbox and even file uploads.

Make fields required

Choose which fields to make required. If you make an email address field required it will validate the email address in addition to making sure it's filled in.

File uploads

Add a file upload filed to a contact form and your visitors can send you files via your website.

Reply directly to messages

When you receive an email containing a contact-form submission, you can reply directly to that email providing your form contains required email and name fields.

Drag-and-drop to re-order

Quickly change the order of fields in your form with drag and drop

Put forms anywhere

You can add contact forms to any page, Snippet or Sitewide Content area. Great for adding a mini-contact form to your website footer for example.


Add products anywhere

SetSeed's shop system is flexible, add products anywhere on any page. Add them to Snippets to create re-usable product pages to add to multiple pages (used as categories).

Add thousands of products

SetSeed is optimised to handle thousands of products, including database pagination and searching to ensure the interface is always fast.

Allow detailed product customisation

Connect a contact form with a product to let customers enter detailed customisation data for their product order. Includes file uploads, drop down menus etc.

Use image gallery as choices

Connect image galleries to products to let customers choose an image variant for a product. Even combine with a list of secondary multiple choices. Ideal for selling photo prints at different sizes for example.

Create multiple choices for products

Create lists of sizes, colours or other choices for your products, each with its own price.

Allow only one in basket

Let customers only add one of a given product to their basket, ideal for selling services. Combine with the automatic stock control to handle selling of one-of-a-kind items.

Stock control

Set a number of products you have in stock. The stock level displays on your site and automatically counts down as products are sold. Developers can decide how to display products when stock quantity is zero, i.e still allow order to be placed or not at all.

Quick duplicate

Quickly duplicate a product with one click if you are adding multiple products that are largely similar.

Checkout and mini-basket

Show a mini-basket on all pages and add your main checkout to any page. Customers can change quantities, remove products and checkout through PayPal.

Email templates

Keep customers in the loop by defining email templates to be sent to customers when they place an order, and also when you mark an order as dispatched. Use simple variables in the templates to insert customer's name, address and order details.

Quickly process orders

All orders can be instantly viewed from any page in the CMS. The current number of open orders shows in a red status badge. View full order information as well as controls to archive or mark as dispatched by hovering over the status badge.

Set your currency

You can choose the currency for your shop from any of PayPal's supported currencies.

Customise the checkout process

Create your own successful and failed payment pages to guide your visitors through the checkout process.

Download order archive

Export order data from SetSeed as a CSV which can be imported into a spreadsheet application.

Emails sent via your SMTP server

Configure SetSeed to send emails to customers using your own SMTP email account. This decreases the chance of emails being flagged as spam as well as letting customers reply directly to emails.

Re-order basket

Optionally allow customers to easily re-add their order to their shopping basket by clicking a link in their 'order received' email. This will add their products to a new shopping basket where they can edit it and/or proceed to the checkout to order the products again (ideal for online grocery shops).

Newsletter mailing list

Get signups right on your site

Add a newsletter signup form to any page on your site. Visitors can add themselves to your mailing list automatically.

Create multiple groups

Organise your subscribers into groups. Create signup forms for different groups to automatically get subscribers into your groups.

Use your own SMTP email account

Send your newsletter to all your subscribers or just those from specific groups. Emails sent via your existing email account to reduce chances of messages being flagged as spam.

Simple variables

Add simple variables in your newsletter to insert subscribers first name, last name or email address into the email itself. Helps reduce spam score.

Use existing pages for newsletter content

Create content for newsletters by adding content to a page then choose that page to send as a newsletter. Can be an offline page or even an online page if you want to publicly display your newsletters as pages on your site. Either way you'll be using familiar content creation tools.

Powerful templates

Developers can create beautiful templates for the newsletter system. CSS rules automatically get converted to inline styles for each CMS generated element for maximum compatibility. Relative links to pages and images are also converted to include the full domain name.

Batch operations

Quickly test a given email recipient by making a batch operation to make all recipients inactive, then make individual recipients active to send messages only to them.

Elegant handling of large lists

Have thousands of recipients? No problem. SetSeed automatically paginates results and allows searching by keyword to ensure the system remains fast to use as well as letting you find recipients quickly.

Unsubscribe links

Each email contains a link to let your subscribers automatically unsubscribe from your list.


Reusable content for your pages

Snippets let you create re-usable portions of content which you can add to any page or pages. Whenever you change the content of the Snippet, the content will automatically update on all pages where it shows.

Ideal for shops

The Snippet system is ideal for adding product information to and then using on multiple category pages. You can add components to Snippets, including products.

Search and pagination

The Snippet system is designed to scale. Add thousands of Snippets and performance will remain fast with automatic pagination and search tools.

Quick duplicate

Adding multiple similar Snippets? Quickly duplicate a Snippet, then double click it to edit its content.


Built-in livechat

SetSeed lets you have instant-message based conversations with your website visitors. This is a great way to encourage visitors to get in touch for quick questions.

Uninterrupted browsing

When visitors initiate a livechat conversation, their livechat window will open separately from your website, allowing them to continue browsing your site while chatting with you.

Automatic status

If you set your status to 'Online' your status will automatically shows as available on your website but only when you are logged into the CMS. What's more, livechat status changes almost instantly without visitors having to reload pages.

Custom name and greeting

Enter a custom welcome message and name to greet your visitors. Great if you have multiple staff who will be handling livechat responsibilities.

Sitewide Content

Add content globally

Developers define areas of the template which can be easily edited in the CMS.

Power when you need it

Combine Sitewide Content areas with Custom Features to allow content to be processed by sub-templates and then inserted and re-used anywhere on any page.


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