Getting Up and Running with SetSeed just got a Whole Lot Easier

Use SetSeed powered by Standing Cloud and deploy your own hosting instance with SetSeed pre-installed and ready to go.

Deploying SetSeed in the cloud is fast, simple and affordable (from $28/month) with SetSeed Hosting. It's built for single-click, problem-free installation and deployment, and includes the monitoring and management tools you need to keep your SetSeed sites up and running without a hitch.

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(You can use the same AppDirect account for Automated Hosting and your SetSeed Monthly Subscription)

No Downloads. No Setup.
No Installation Required.

  • Create an account and be up and running in minutes.
  • Select the SetSeed version you'd like to install. It’s already pre-configured for quick, painless, best-practice installation.
  • Pick a cloud provider, and you're ready to go. No hardware or server configuration required.
  • You can test in the cloud in real time, and deploy to production with a few clicks.

Reliability, Backups
& Redundancy

  • Your SetSeed installation is automatically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All day. Everyday.
  • If your site ever becomes unresponsive, it’s restored it automatically, to the same cloud, or another cloud entirely. That means better uptime performance than any other single or shared hosting platform.
  • Backups run daily, hourly, or on-demand. Your backup is stored in the cloud, with fail-over and redundancy, so you're never without access to mission-critical data.

Efficient, Cost-effective
& Affordable

  • Pricing is simple, straightforward and affordable. You determine the cost when you select your server resources and pay monthly for the server (just like other hosting services).
  • Deploy the environments you need – and only pay for what you use. Spin up a dev or test environment and shut it down when it's not in use. We'll save your backups and you'll save money.
  • Set up and run multiple sites on a single server. SetSeed lets you deploy multiple-sites from a single installation - you're only limited by the resources you allocate to your server. So go ahead, pack the server.

Monitoring and

  • Once your SetSeed installations are up and running, our application lifecycle management and monitoring tools help you make sure they stay that way.
  • Enjoy point-and-click access to application monitoring and backups, one-click version upgrades, SSH and FTP server access, resource scaling, a browser-based terminal window, status logs and more, all from the easy-to-use management console.
  • Easily upgrade, backup, clone, and restore with a few clicks, and seamlessly upgrade to new versions of SetSeed as soon as they are released. And remember, because SetSeed powers all your sites from a single installation, you only need to do this once and all your sites will be on the latest version!
  • It's a powerful combination of development efficiency and cost savings.

Flexibility, Choice
& Control

  • Choose from a range of cloud providers, including Linode, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services,, HP and more.
  • Choose the cloud provider and datacenter that best meet your performance and scalability needs, and change at any time, for any reason.
  • Your installation is completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, so you are never locked-in to a single cloud provider or an expensive support contract.
  • You can quickly add capacity or move to another cloud, and you’re automatically protected from extended downtime and service outages.
  • Need to leave? No problem! Simply move your installation to another server of your choosing - your subscription isn't locked to a server and migrating a SetSeed installation is straightforward.

Buy Automated Hosting from AppDirect

(You can use the same AppDirect account for Automated Hosting and your SetSeed Monthly Subscription)